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Veterinary Services Pet Vet Express in Mountain Brook, AL

At Pet Vet Express, you can trust that your pets are in great hands. Our compassionate, skillful veterinary staff are here to help when you need us most. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Our Veterinary Services

Pet Grooming

Pet grooming and bathing is an essential part of pet care. Not only does it keep your pet clean and healthy, but it also helps to prevent the spread of disease.

Pet Multi-radiance Medical Laser

Multi Radiance Medical’s Veterinary Laser Therapy devices provide accelerated pain relief and healing for pets.

Pet Microchipping

Pet microchipping is a simple and straightforward way to help keep your pet safe and ensure they can always find their way home. 

Pet Radiology

Pet Vet Express is committed to providing the best possible care for your pet. We offer a variety of radiology services, including X-rays, and ultrasounds.

Pet Dental Care

Pet dental care is important for the overall health of your pet. Our team of experienced veterinarians and dental hygienists is dedicated to providing the best possible care for your pet.

Pet Nutritional Counseling

Pet Nutritional Counseling is a Pet Vet Express service offered at our Mountain Brook, AL location. Pet Vet Express is a full-service veterinary hospital 

Pet Emergencies

Pet emergencies come in many forms but can be very scary. Some uncommon but potentially concerning emergencies include trouble breathing, pet seizures, lethargy, and severe vomiting or diarrhea. Please always feel free to contact our team if you have concerns regarding your pet’s health.

Pet Surgery

Our goal is to provide the highest quality care possible, and we are committed to making sure that your pet has a safe and successful surgery.

Pet Wellness

Pet Wellness is an important part of keeping your pet healthy and happy. At Pet Vet Express, we offer a variety of services to help maintain your pet’s health.